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What will your Home Inspection include?

The Home Inspector will walk you through the house step by step visually examining all readily accessible systems and components. For a small fee your home inspector will also test for Radon Gas as we are Licensed Radon Technicians of the State of NJ. Additionally, for a small fee your home inspector will inspect for termites and wood destroying insects (WDIs) as we are Licensed Commercial Pest Applicators of the State of NJ.

What is involved in the Home Inspection?

The Home Inspector typically starts with walking the full exterior and inspecting the roof. If the roof is not easily accessible from the exterior or interior, the Home Inspector will utilize a drone to photograph the roof cover and components. Next the Home Inspector will inspect the interior by starting in the basement and crawl space. The Home Inspector will then systemically inspect every floor and room working from lowest floor up until the attic space.

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How much does a Home Inspection cost?

Outlet Home Inspections takes pride in offering fair, competitive pricing without any hidden fees. It is very important to understand what inspection services you are paying for.  We base our pricing based on size, age, and time it will take to thoroughly inspect the dwelling. Outlet Home Inspections is fully covered with errors & omissions (E&O) insurance with full liability. 

Please give us a call (201)-232-3769 for a quote.

What will be included in the Home Inspection Report? How will it look like?

All of Outlet Home Inspections reports breakdown all important components that make up a house, with in-depth explanations and pictures referencing any deficiencies noted. What separates us from our competition is the fact that our reports are specifically designed to be detailed and simple to navigate.  Reports are emailed 48-72 hours after the inspection walk through. See for yourself, download a sample report below.

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